Team of lawyers in Baku

Zalbey Aghadadashov

Zalbey Aghadadashov is an experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in corporate law, contract law, legal audit, education, and other business areas. Prior to becoming the founder and director of Turan Legal and Tax Services, he was Chief Legal Counsellor of major distribution and retail group of companies.

Zalbey advised major local and international clients in multi-million commercial disputes, M&A operations, major investment projects and commercial contracts, performed different types of legal due diligence proceedings, successfully lead international cyber-security damage recovery case.

Zalbey holds law degrees from Baku State University and has graduated LLM from University de Cergy-Pontoise focused on International Business, Trade, and Tax law.

He is fluent in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish.

Agil Mirzayev

Legal Manager
Agil Mirzayev is a member of the Azerbaijani Bar Association and has more than 10 years of experience in corporate, contracts, litigation and other fields of law.

Prior to joining Turan Legal and Tax Services, Agil worked as a lawyer for government institutions and continued his career as a legal counsel for major local businesses and consulting firms.

Agil is fluent in Azerbaijani, English and Russian.

Andrey Garifulin

Senior Lawyer
Andrey Garifulin is one of our legal experts who has vast experience in different companies and industries on a local and international level.

Namely, he has worked for a long period at international prestigious companies located in Dubai.

Afterward, he has collaborated as a Legal Advisor, Document Controller, Procurement and Project Manager on different projects in co-operation with the big international companies in Azerbaijan such as ABB, BP, Halliburton, Siemens, Emerson, Tyco Electronics, Azerenergy, Aztechizat, Ktib Holding, Schneider, CNEEC, Energomera, KraussMaffei, etc.

Andrey is fluent in Azerbaijani, English and Russian.

Anar Alizamanli

Senior Lawyer
Anar Alizamanli, boasting a rich professional background, including tenure with a Fortune 500 company, Anar specializes in investment law, corporate governance, and IT law.
Anar's academic achievements include earning an LL.M degree from Renmin University of China and an MA in International Relations from China Foreign Affairs University. His educational prowess, combined with extensive practical experience, positions him as a provider of high-quality and professional legal services.
At present, Anar Alizamanli serves as a trusted advisor to major IT companies, leveraging his expertise to guide them through the intricacies of investment law, corporate governance, and IT law. His role extends to facilitating digital transformation within corporate leadership, contributing to the evolution of organizations in today's dynamic business landscape.
His commitment to providing top-notch legal services aligns with the firm's ethos, ensuring clients receive informed and strategic counsel. He is fluent in Azerbaijani, Turkish and English languages.

Araz Ismayilov

Senior Lawyer
Araz Ismayilov, a seasoned Senior Lawyer at Turan Legal and Tax Services LLC, brings over 7 years of legal expertise in corporate law, commercial law, and labor law.

A graduate of Qafqaz University and Selchuk University, Republic of Turkey, Araz has demonstrated a commitment to legal excellence throughout his career.

Araz Ismayilov's strategic counsel and in-depth understanding of legal intricacies make him a valuable asset at Turan Legal and Tax Services LLC. His proficiency in Azerbaijani, English, and Turkish languages facilitates effective communication with clients.

Fatima Eyyub

Senior Lawyer
Fatima Eyyub specializes in tax law, financial law, financial technology law, contract law, and various areas of commercial law. Her responsibilities encompass providing comprehensive legal advice to clients on a range of commercial law issues. This includes, but is not limited to, advising on national and international taxation, managing the production and sale of tobacco products, obtaining business activity licenses and permits, preparing memoranda and legal opinions, developing schemes for tax optimization, and crafting contract projects.
Currently pursuing graduate studies at the University of Arizona, she is committed to advancing her knowledge and staying informed about the latest legal developments.

She leverages her academic pursuits and practical experience to offer strategic guidance to clients, contributing to the success of their commercial endeavors in an ever-evolving legal landscape. Fluent in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, and Turkish languages, she ensures effective communication and collaboration with a diverse range of clients.

Nigar Aliyeva

Senior Lawyer
With over five years of professional experience, Nigar Aliyeva is a seasoned legal expert with a diverse background in insurance, intellectual property, banking, production, IT, education, and tourism law. She boasts an independent client portfolio and specializes in facilitating changes in the establishment and organizational-legal form of companies in Azerbaijan and abroad. Her expertise extends to obtaining licenses, working with securities, and drafting high-value contracts, particularly in the initiation, preparation, and management of all legal processes for tourism companies and educational institutions.
Nigar Aliyeva is actively involved in various projects, including the establishment of franchise systems in companies, providing compliance and management services. Her multifaceted role showcases her commitment to delivering high-quality legal services and contributing to the success of diverse projects in a dynamic legal landscape.
Nigar is fluent in English, Azerbaijani, and Turkish languages.

Tural Ahmadov

Senior Lawyer
Tural Ahmadov is a lawyer with extensive work experience in commercial law, civil law, banking law, international law and legal dispute settlement. Before entering the legal and tax services, he worked for nearly 10 years in the field of the state registry of real estate, in the banking field, and in the state body for the control of financial markets. Tural Ahmadov has also been a member of the Azerbaijan Bar Association since 2018 and participates in the investigation of court disputes as a lawyer. He received bachelor's and master's studies at Baku State University and completed his doctoral studies at the same university. Tural is fluent in Azerbaijani, English and Turkish languages.
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