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IT & Cyber Security

Our experienced team supports companies by ensuring compliance with legal requirements and implementing effective IT and cyber security practices to achieve business success.
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Our areas of work include

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Draft and review of the contracts
IT Law expertise: SLA, Reseller, IT Consultancy, Support & Maintenance, Software License, Support, Website Development, Confidentiality agreements, etc.
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Preparation of internal regulations
such as Code of Ethics on social media for employees; the Usage Terms of the Web Platform; Privacy Policy
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Check the compliance of IT systems
with legal standards and detect if any risk(s) and/or breach(es) exist.
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Reviewing and drafting TOS, GDPR, Privacy Policy
execution and submission for an application
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Incorporation in overseas jurisdictions
such as the U.S, Ireland, Estonia, UAE etc.
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Advising on cyber security and data privacy

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Structuring corporate governance

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Representation in 1st, appellate, cassation instances

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Government relations and communications

Navigating the Legal Maze of IT and Data Privacy
Securing Your Digital Presence with Legal Expertise
Comprehensive Support for Technology Firms
Ensuring Compliance in the Digital Realm
Global Expansion Support for Tech-based Companies

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