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Legal support of startup projects

Our experienced startup legal team supports entrepreneurs by ensuring legal compliance and effective management practices for a successful start in business.
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Our areas of work include

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Examination of legality of the idea and identification of risks

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Registration in the Republic of Azerbaijan and abroad

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Organization of corporate management

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Preparation of relevant documents
Basic Partnership Agreement, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, User Manual etc. for iOS, Android and Web based startups;
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Legal support in obtaining a start-up certificate.

Essentials for Startup Success: Beyond Innovation and Business Plans
Guarding Ideas: Legal Consultation for Patenting and Intellectual Property Rights
Structuring for Success: Legal Considerations in Forming a Startup
Fueling Growth: The Critical Role of Funding in Startup Viability
Strategic Funding: Navigating Support Programs and Legal Documentation
Legal Safeguards: Essential Support for Startup Development and Intellectual Property Protection

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