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Founded by experienced lawyers in corporate law and tax consulting, we serve local and international businesses in various sectors, offering top-quality legal and tax services. Acknowledged as a leading firm in 2022.

The Legal 500 EMEA 2024 - Leading Firm 

IFLR1000 2023

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Experienced Business Attorneys Providing Corporate Legal Services and Business Advice

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Corporate & Commercial
We have extensive expertise in corporate and commercial law, assisting major corporations with M&As, transactions, and general legal advice.
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Dispute Resolution & Litigation
Our experienced lawyers have a long-time practice in the representation of the clients before the courts and regulatory institutions.
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Tax Advisory and Reporting
We advise our clients on all areas of tax, including matters about the state’s tax policy, double taxation, financial disputes, tax planning and reporting.
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Startup Support
For a startup project to be successfulI, it is not enough to have an innovative business idea and write a business plan.
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IT & Cyber Security
IT law and data privacy laws and regulations currently impact most enterprises and individuals during normal business operations.
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Migration & HR
Our human resources division has served employers, human resources professionals, corporate counsel in the human resources planning
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Governance & Compliance
In the modern era, companies wishing to expand and diversify their businesses need to establish a well-written corporate governance and compliance procedure.
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Tender & Government Procurement
Our company provides full legal support services for participation in government procurement and tenders.

Our team

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Zalbey Aghadadashov
Zalbey Aghadadashov is an experienced Lawyer with a demonstrated history of working in corporate law, contract law, legal audit, education, and other business areas.
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Andrey Garifulin
Senior Lawyer
Andrey Garifulin is one of our legal experts who has vast experience in different companies and industries on a local and international level.
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Agil Mirzayev
Legal Manager
Agil Mirzayev is a member of the Azerbaijani Bar Association and has more than 10 years of experience in corporate, contracts, litigation and other fields of law.
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Tural Ahmadov
Senior Lawyer
Tural Ahmadov is a lawyer with extensive work experience in the fields of commercial law, civil law, banking law, international law and legal dispute settlement.

Chamber Memberships

Turan Legal and Tax Services LLC is an active participant in the business community, holding memberships in three prestigious chambers.
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Legal 500
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AHK Azerbaijan
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American Chamber of Commerce
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British Chamber of Commerce Azerbaijan

They trust us

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